To the digital control of the car only two additional components next to the engine, steering and battery are needed: the MCC decoder and a reception spool. The decoder takes care of all the cars need to drive digitally. There have been two types: MCCdec-02 and MCC-dec03. Because this is the third generation already, the functionality is very complete. Since the decoder is software adjustable, this model is suitable for all vehicles imaginable. The dimensions are such that it fits even in an H0 passenger car and is also applicable in N scale.

The decoder also allows you to control light and other features of a car in addition to speed control. Beyond the standard lighting for headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals, there are up to 4 additional function outputs available. These may be used for indoor lighting, contour lighting or flashing lights.

The conversion of vehicles can be done by yourself. MCC-ModelCarParts provides all parts to make your model suitable for digital driving. MCC-ModelCarParts also provides workshops to learn how to convert cars or delivers MCC cars on request.

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