Besides decoders in cars also a signal has to be sent to the cars and positions of the cars should be available to know their movements. Also “turnouts” for changing the lanes of cars and traffic lights have to be controlled.

UCCI takes care of the communication to the PC, controlling the aerial in the lanes, reading the position sensors and controlling the OC32’s. The last one is controlling the “turnouts”, traffic lights and other equipment on your layout.
One UCCI is able to control a moderate layout and can control about 40 metres of street and 64 cars at the same time.

Schematic overview of the system will be as follows:


Another possibility will be including the UCCI into a Dinamo or Dinamo P&P system. This will give the opportunity to connect up to 16 UCCI’s into one system controlling about 650 meters of street length. This solution might be used when one UCCI will not be sufficient for your layout or to control trains and cars using the one system.

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