For driving cars, it is necessary that there is a magnetic conductor in the road surface mounted to the steering of the car. For this purpose, magnetic stripe is used because this, in contradiction to wire, will keep the vehicles on the road under all circumstances.

In addition to the magnetic guide, a transmission system must also be built-in for steering. These are two copper wires that are laid on both sides of the magnetic conductor on a total distance of 3 cm from each other. The current flow in the transmission system is very important. In the manual of the UCCI and on site more information can be found.

In order to allow the turning of cars “switches” are built. These “switches” are composed of a switchcover including a servo motor with movable magnetic stripe. If the magnetic stripe is placed in a different position, the car will turn through the steering magnet. Control of the switches is done by an OC32 in combination with an SP04. The SP04 will deliver an appropriate control signal to the servo-motor.

Among the magnetic stripe reed switches are placed to determine the positions of the cars. The contacts are read with a SWdec and passed to the UCCI.

As a final step, the finishing of the roadsurface has to be done. There are various possibilities, however according to all of them it is important that it has to be flat and has sufficient non-slip grip of the tires. MCC-ModelCarParts recommends polystyrene in combination with road paint.

MCC-ModelCarParts supplies all components to realize your streets. MCC-ModelCarParts also provides workshops to learn the design and construction of roads or delivers the complete streets for driving MCC.

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