Digital cars

A miniature world is only complete with moving cars. Dinamo / MCC (Model Car Control) is a solution to allow model cars with working lighting and appropriate speed to drive very naturally. MCC ModelCarParts supplies all components for the installation of a working car system and the conversion of model cars. We also offer the installation of the system and the conversion of cars.

With Dinamo / MCC, every car is equipped with a decoder that controls the engine, lights and other functions of the car. Every car has its own battery to make the electronics work. The car follows the road via a magnetic strip in the road that is followed with a magnet in the car’s steering system.

The information for the car takes place wirelessly. The road surface is equipped with a transmission system for this. This transmission system is below the surface of the road surface and is therefore completely invisible. The transmission system is very simple and inexpensive to make yourself: it consists of only 2 copper wires that are processed in the road surface.

The road is also equipped with position sensors. These are reed contacts that are activated by the steering magnet. Based on these reports, the computer can track and accurately control every car.

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