OC32/NG-D is a 32 configurable outputs multifunctional decoder including DCC interface.

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OC32/NG-D is an electronic module for controlling almost all asseccoiries at your miniature. The DCC interface can handle controls from a DCC control unit. At the same time the RS485 interface can be used to control (other) outputs.

This module contains 32 outputs which can be configured for several different matters.

OC32/NG-D is the successor of the OC32-DCC and not prepared for installing several amplifiers and multiplexers. For the combination of DCC and amplifiers the model ADE has to be used.
The OC32/NG can be used in combination with the Autocontroller UCCI or Traincontroller TM44. An U485 interface can also be used for directly connecting the OC32/NG to the PC. Up to 16 OC32/NG modules can be connected to 1 U485.

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